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In 2011, Morris Communications launched into the event business. While events were not new to the company, Morris made a commitment to further development into the event world.

Leveraging the reach of our audiences, Morris events are designed to connect the communities that we serve by bringing consumers and businesses face to face. Our events are designed to serve readers of all ages. In fact, some of the most popular events have been created around the areas we cover best, such as prep sports and education.

As the focus of our industry shifts, the types of events we host are continually evolving. Digital events aim to educate area businesses on the growing opportunities to reach audiences via social media and the rapidly evolving digital space.

Events related to a cause or charity is another avenue for Morris markets to support their communities. Our annual We Think Pink campaign, held every October, promotes breast cancer awareness and education. Since 2008, collectively Morris markets have donated significant funds to breast cancer research and awareness in their respective communities.

As we expand our audience, Morris events will strive to remain innovative and engaging for the communities we serve.

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